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Trans-sas Ghana Leading importer of quality medical, surgical and laboratory equipment.

We have a vast directory of medical products you can choose from


Mobile Medical Couch

It is easy to use and built tough for years of reliable service. The adjustable backrest can be easily locked in any of eight positions.

Self Propelled Wheelchair

Metallic Burgundy folding aluminium self propelled wheelchair with flip up under desk arms, swing away removable footrests.


Transit Wheelchair

It has full or desk arms. Heavy-duty inner liners keep seats and backs from stretching, eria. Removable armrests and swing away footrests, Folding.

Lightweight Safety Walkers

It folds flat for storage or transportation. Height adjustable handles. Padded backrest &seat with storage bag.


Minor Surgery Couch

Manually adjustable self-locking backrest and foot section with head down-tilt

Mobile Commode Chair

The Invacare mobile shower chair is designed for safe transport to and from the shower.

Brand Coolview C35

Intense spot light 20,000 Lux intensity, gentle floodlight 5 ,000 Lux intensity with 35W light source

Polaroid Macro 5 SLR

Delivers instant, high quality, permanent, large format print. Focus eliminator risk of infection.


Zenith ULTRA-500LA Binocular Laboratory Microscope

Magnification x40-x1000, (x1600) achievable by using optional x16 DIN flatfield eyepieces Paired x10 DIN standard high eyepoint widefield eyepieces, field 18mm DIN standard Parfocal.


Hibicet Hospital Concentrate is an antimicrobial preparation with cleansing properties for general antiseptic purposes


3M Littmann Electronic Stethoscope

Amplification up to 18 times greater than most advance conventional 3M Littmann. Specially designed to pick up difficult-to-hear heart and other body sounds.

Accoson Freestyle Sphygmomanometer

Has plastic manometer tube, mercury isolation valve fitted to reservoir, Supplied with adult velcro cuff, latex free bulb and coiled tubing


Microlab MK6 Spirometer

The MicroLab 3500 is portable and lightweight. Powered by rechargeable internal batteries and moulded from high impact ABS for durability.

Elemental Mains Cautery Unit

Smart and compact design, variable output control up to 20 ampere, non-slip feet, adjustable, robust cables and handles


Accu-Chek Advantage Meter

Accu-Chek Softclix Finger Pricker, 10 Accu-Chek Advantage Test Strips and 10 Accu -Chek Softclix Lancets with High and Low Glucose Control Solutions

Kamplex KT 20 Impedance Audiometer

This is an ideal for testing on young children. A hard held tymponometer for middle ear testing, capable of identifying negative pressure, glue ear, otosclerosis or ruling out suspect middle ear pathology


Transit Wheelchair

ideal for hospital and industrial audiometer use. It comes with full air & bone condition for screening or diagnostic audiometer testing.

Raised toilet seat ashby wide access

For people who have difficulty with personal cleansing the Ashby Wide-Access seat offers the widest cut-aways, both front and rear. Cleaning access problems by the user or by a carer are greatly reduced by the special design of the seat. The one piece seat has a built in anti-bacterial action. Secured in place


A-UB401 - Stylish Digital Wrist Monitor

Ultra compact & light weight design for true portability, Easy to read 3-line display shows systolic, diastolic and pulse simultaneously

Polaroid HealthCam Kit

Instant, Accurate photographic records with grid overlay for analysis & tracking. Instant results without wastage. Supplied complate with: HealthCam camera, 1 x twin pack grid film, shoulder bad & light lock non-contact close up lense

Universal Cervical Collar

The Universal Cervical Collar is an economical option that is highly comfortable and easy-to-apply for the treatment of a variety of cervical injuries.

Drive Medical Heavy Duty Suction Machine

New anti-bacteria filter design helps prevent contamination, High quality vacuum regulator and anti-vibration vacuum gauge setting, Oil-less, permanent lubrication, Collection bottle with overflow protection, Superior performance and high reliability for continuous operation design

Closed infant incubator

Stationary infant incubator with design solution meeting today's requirements of medical staff, overmatching similar products by its design solution. It is intended to standard and intermediary infant care, provides comfort, simple operation and easy access to the patient.

Microcomputer Anesthesia Machine

The iChart-OR system integrates monitoring, anesthesia delivery and care process information management. It can also connect with the server, making it possible to share the clinical data directly from the point of care.

Infrared Therapeutic Blood Circulation Foot Massager,

High frequency massage can improve blood circulation and metabolism infrared hot wave:better to relieve tension 8 nature magnets massage and infrared level adjustment

Massage Chair

3DMassage Mechanism & Air Massage Technology; featuring 3 All-New Massage & Stretching Techniques and Heated Massage Heads